What About Level Zero?

Since March 2020 there has been a radical onslaught upon peoples rights in Ireland. We have had Level One Restrictions, Level Two Restrictions, Level Three Restrictions, Level Four Restrictions and Level Five Restrictions (Source Link). Not once have the Irish Government mentioned the Level called Level Zero (no restrictions).

Let's Take A Trip Down Memory Lane, Alice!

Let's travel down The Yellow Brick Road of corruption within the Irish Government. You won't believe how long the corruption has gone on for. Never since 1922 has the Irish Government been so efficient at any task, than that of abolishing all our rights over the past year. Laws and policies usually took months to years to be enacted by politicians, but this past year they are operating like superficial 'Terminators' - that smile back at you, while lying is as easy as breathing for them!


"A good tree bears good fruit. A bad tree cannot bear good fruit. A bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit." When a Sociopath (bad tree) looks at other people (good fruit) - they see nothing only bad fruit. It is not possible for them to see good fruit, EVER. The is the basic foundation of 'Narcissism'.

A Bad Tree Cannot Bear Good Fruit

The 3rd wave of historical corruption by politicians of Ireland began in 1922, when the Act of Union of 1801 was abolished. In 1922 the Irish people got their independence from the British Government. Since that time the Irish Government have sold the freedoms we once had to rogue individuals and non elected continental organizations such as The United Nations, The World Health Organisation and The European Central Bank. Not once in all that time since 1922, have these Irish politicians ever been without their full weekly wage at the expense of all the people living in Ireland. Can the same be said for 'the people of Ireland'?

1919 first dail.png

The 1st Irish Government in Ireland 1919

(Ruled Ireland from 1922 - to Present Day)

Why Not Become An Irish Politician - My Son or Daughter?

If you want to become rich - become an Irish politician (Source Link July 2020). If you want the same amount of time off as school children every year - become an Irish politician (Source Link). If you can lie as easy as breathing - become an Irish politician (Source Link).


When Was The Last Time The People Of Ireland Were REALLY Free?

Why would the Irish Government educate its people about the true history of our nation? They would want to be insane to educate their population! The 2nd wave of historical corruption by politicians of Ireland goes all the way back to the year 1297, when 'The Parliament of Ireland' committed high treason by handing Ireland over to criminals - when they were bribed with money, land and titles to sign off on the ruthless Act of Union in 1801 (Source Link). Quite ironically today, The Parliament House in College Green, Dublin (the world's first purpose-built bicameral parliament house) has been the place of haven of the ruthless banksters from The Bank of Ireland since 1803.


Our school history books have no mention ever of this treason by The Parliament of Ireland. Because if the People Of Ireland knew this corruption goes back to 1297, our first national system of government set up by them, for them in 1922, would never have been accepted by the people. Why would criminals EVER give up their power! The Irish Government and the mainstream news propaganda machines of TV, Radio and Newspapers - tell us and scare us every day about the criminal gangs operating within Ireland and how their actions affect the People of Ireland. But in reality, the real criminals are in the Irish Government - who steal DIRECTLY from the pocket of the People of Ireland.  

The Irish Parlaiment.jpg

- Parliament of Ireland -

The Parliament House, College Green, Dublin

(Ruled Ireland 1297 - 1801)

Let's Go Further Down The Yellow Brick Road of Irish History, Alice!

The 1st wave of historical corruption by politicians of Ireland goes back even further in time to 'The High Kings of Ireland', when even more corrupt politicians ruled the People of Ireland with an iron fist between 600AD and 1297AD (Source Link). While the High Kings' degree of control varied, Ireland was never ruled by them as a unified state, as the High King was conceived of as an overlord exercising control over, and receiving tribute from, the independent kingdoms beneath him. The lands in the petty kingdoms around Ireland were controlled by various fine Kings - who automatically made themselves free men. Each King occupied the apex of a pyramid of clientship within the petty kingdom. This pyramid progressed from the unfree population at its base (the Irish People) up to the heads of nobles, held in immediate clientship by each king.

In other words you had Free men i.e., the Kings of Ireland and you had Slaves i.e., the People of Ireland. In summary, the last time the People of Ireland were truly free was before 600AD. Since that time in 600AD, you have had a small group of ruthless individuals control the rights and freedoms of the People of Ireland for 1,421 years (one thousand, four hundred and twenty one years)!

The current government system of Ireland is broken and needs to be radically overhauled, whether in the form of a new Constitution being enacted or changes to the current Constitution. The People of Ireland are entitled to be free and live in peace. Additionally, the people who become politicians in Ireland, need to be good people and not people who get into politics to lie, steal, control and become exorbitantly wealthy. The current system is already set up to fail and the young politicians who get into that system automatically become part of that failure. Becoming a people with inalienable freedoms and rights is NOT rocket science. It only needs the People of Ireland to demand it.


The High Kings of Ireland

(Ruled Irish People from 600AD - 1297)


Skellig Island Dwellings, Co. Kerry

600AD, the last time we were free!

(Source Link)


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