Where We Are As A Country

The White Rose was founded to bring the people of Ireland together to oppose a common enemy - the Irish Government. The White Rose movement is NOT opposed to a government system, but is opposed to a rogue government system. Since the 1950s the Irish Government indoctrination education system has been unleashed and has left the people of Ireland totally demoralized and without hope. Since March 2020, this demoralization stage has rapidly spread across the country.

The words 'lockdown', 'social distancing', 'restrictions', and 'solitary confinement' are all too familiar to the people of Ireland since March 2020. Before March 2020, these were the exact words used by guards in prisons!

The White Rose will provide a platform for freedom and bring millions together. Through our Newsletter the people of Ireland will become educated about their situation. Once they understand that this is not the first time a nation has experienced a complete destruction of their rights, solutions that have ALWAYS worked before can help them get all those rights restored. The Irish Government are relying on the people of Ireland to continue to fight amongst each other, while they terminate all your human rights in the shadows.


What Can You Do?

The first thing YOU can do is Subscribe to our Newsletter no matter where you live in the world. It contains valuable educational information presented in an easy to read format. Every issue of the newsletter is available for FREE download in PDF format (Team Members Only) and Image format, of which you can then share with your friends all across social media.

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Become A White Rose!

Any person in the world can download our newsletter and print it off on their home printer device. Take action as a White Rose by distributing our Newsletter, 4th of July Poster and other content within your neighbourhood, in shops and other businesses around Ireland. There is no age restriction on being a White Rose. Don't just join the movement, become the parts of the engine that fuels the movement! Thank you.


Create Content For The White Rose Movement

If you are a videographer, photographer, animation artist, graphic artist, and or painter you can create multimedia content around the White Rose movement and send it to us via email. The best submissions will feature in our Newsletter, Website & Social Media channels! There is no limit to your imagination. You can even create and draw cartoon and or anime characters to represent the White Rose platform! The White Rose movement is all about having fun and freedom to live in peace and tranquillity.


Investigate & Report

If you are a journalist, reporter, investigator, youtuber or influencer you can share The White Rose movement across your own multimedia platforms. In a dictatorship there is no real journalism. Censorship controls the flow of information and everything reported is via the government propaganda machine. Mixed messages and mainstream news reports and articles confuse, test and frighten the public. This is The Code Of Ethics of Journalism.


Calling All Civil Servants, Medical Professionals & Educators

If you are employed by the Irish Government and you hear or witness human rights violations and or other crimes against the people of Ireland - record it and or speak out. The Nuremberg trials were a series of military tribunals held after World War II by the Allied forces under international law and the laws of war. The trials were most notable for the prosecution of prominent members of the political, military, medical, judicial, and economic leadership of Nazi Germany, who planned, carried out, or otherwise participated in the Holocaust and other war crimes.


The trials were held in Nuremberg, Germany, and their decisions marked a turning point between classical and contemporary international law. Further trials of lesser war criminals were conducted under Control Council Law No. 10 at the U.S. Nuremberg Military Tribunal (NMT), which included the Doctors' trial and the Judges' Trial. The indictments were for:

  • Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of a crime against peace

  • Planning, initiating and waging wars of aggression and other crimes against peace

  • Participating in war crimes

  • Crimes against humanity

One of the most common defenses put forward by those arrested at the time was "we were just following orders". If you do not report a crime you are aiding and abetting those who commit the crime (Source Link). There are many reliable journalists and reporters all across the world who will investigate and report your story. Be brave and contact them. Otherwise, the guilty individuals may end of blaming YOU for the crime they committed. When a human rat is cornered - they will say and do almost anything to get away with their crimes.


Sign The Petition

Those ONLY who reside in Ireland are able to Sign The Petition. We are aiming for 1 Million+ Signatures before July 4th 2021. This petition is not like your usual petition you see online. The White Rose Petition is a central axis point from which the 4th of July 2021 Independence Day Event is realized, hence the importance of signatures being associated with a verified email address.