Drug Companies Will Never Hurt You

Both the government and media are falling over themselves trying to convince the world to take the world's first MMRNA Vaccine. They have Celebrities on board, former USA Presidents onboard and Medical Professionals onboard. They are just short of getting cartoon characters onboard to convince the masses. This section of the website will highlight the multimedia and news stories showcasing the dangers of this vaccine.

We can only show you the resources for vaccine research. It is up to you to investigate and protect yourself and your family. When the media and government silence the Medical Professionals who are warning about the dangers of this vaccine, you know we just might have a serious problem on our hands, especially when every drug company is exempt from any person in the world suing them.


If you want to know how much The Chief Medical Officer cares about the People of Ireland, just click Dr. Holohan's picture below and find out what he said, when the research showed The Swine Flu Vaccine was harming people in 2009. How easily people forget. Dr. Tony Holohan really cares doesn't he? This is the guy the People of Ireland trust? He should be locked up in prison for the rest of his life after The Swine Flu Scandal of 2009.

Those Who Committed The Crimes Should Be First In Line

We believe here at The White Rose, that the only people who should be getting the Covid vaccine posion is Medical Professionals such as Doctors, Nurses, Lab Technicians, all the Politicians and who could forget all the Gardai throughout Ireland. We can then wait 6 months to see the after effects of the world's first Medical Trial on RNA vaccines, upon the very people pushing the poison on innocent men, women and children in Ireland. The cabal of people who committed the crimes should be the FIRST in line. The basic fact that Medical Professionals, Politicians and Gardai are not screaming out to personally take the vaccine, is a telling sign indeed. What are they all afraid of? Want to know what they've planned for you, watch this following video.

Israel - The Blueprint For The Whole World

(March 2021)

Question A: If You've Taken The Poison (Vaccine), Why Are You Afraid Of Those Who Refuse To Take The Poison (Vaccine)? Mmmm

Question B: If You've Taken The Poison (Vaccine), Why Are You STILL Forced To Wear A Face Mask & Social Distance? Mmmm

Question C: If You Are A Jew And Your Ancestors Were Murdered In The Concentration Camps, Why Do You Go Along With This? Mmmm

They've Injected The Elderly, Now They'll Inject Your Kids

If you believe for one second what's happening in the above video is not coming to Ireland, you are away with the fairies that our ancestors once told us stories about. You are dealing with insane people who care NOT whether you or children are injured or die. The vaccine is an Emergency Medicine and the people of the world are part of a Medical Trial which ends in 2023. In order to administer the emergency poison lockdowns MUST continue. No Health Insurance Company on the planet will cover you or children if you take this vaccine.


The People of Ireland have absolutely no idea what type of sociopaths they are dealing with in regards to Irish Doctors, Nurses & Politicians. Now even if the adults choose to take the poison, their kids will be injected with the posion and they'll have no choice about it. What happens in Israel is the blueprint for the world. Listen to your leader Leo Varadkar tell you how great Israel is (Source Link). If you can't stand up for yourself or children, then YOU are a useless human being.

Israel To Begin Forced Vaccination of Children Within Weeks

(March 2021)

Chinese Health Passport System

Operational Since March 2020 (Source Link)

Health Passport For Everyone

System Developed Since Sept 2020 (Source Link)

"This Is About Our Human Rights"

State Propaganda June 2019 (Source Link)

Just in case HSE Delete Video (Source Link)

Wolves In Sheeps Clothing

Why People Vaccinate

Source Research & Source Video Link (2016)

Lying Is As Easy As Breathing For Them

(No Medical Qualifications On Any Level)


Just Because They Wear A White Coat Or An Expensive Suit, Does Not Mean You're Not Dealing With A Monster. Would You Really Trust These People With Your Life?


About The Video Presentations

The chronological video presentations below contain vital information that you will not hear on mainstream news networks, for obvious reasons. In order to keep a lie alive and breathing, the truth most never get through to the masses. While these videos may be long in their duration, there is no substitute for being informed about your health. What price would you place on your own health for to simply ignore all the advice from qualified professionals in their respective fields, just because the video maybe too long for your attention span? Their courage is to be admired and it may end up saving you or your family's life.


These Medical Professionals below follow the Laws of Medicine which are referred to as Medical Ethics. Medical Ethics recognizes four basic moral principles, which are to be judged and weighed against each other, with attention given to the scope of their application (Source Link). The four principles are:

  Respect for autonomy – the patient has the right to refuse or choose their treatment.
  Beneficence – a practitioner should act in the best interest of the patient.
  Non-maleficence – to not be the cause of harm. Also, "Utility" – to promote more good than harm.
  Justice – concerns the distribution of scarce health resources, and the decision of who gets what treatment.

Isn't it quite incredible that governments all over the world are trying to make vaccines mandatory, when the 1st principle of Medical Law states "the patient has the right to refuse or choose their treatment". Alarm bells should ring out loudly when you have the Irish Government forcing vaccines on The People of Ireland. Forcing anything on another person is psychotic behaviour and reveals the TRUE stripes of any person on Earth.


Dr. Dan Erickson & Dr. Artin Massihi Interview (May 2020)

Dr. Carrie Madej Presentation (July 2020)

Prof Dolores Cahill & French Geneticist Alexandra H. Caude (Jan 2021)

Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny Interview (April 2021)

"A Well Designed Killing Machine"

- What's Inside The Covid Vaccines -