The 3 Steps Of A Human Virus

The 1st Step Nazi Germany implemented, was to control Public Health by getting rid of vermin and other parasites within society. With the 2nd Step they moved onto the Jews and finally in the 3rd Step, they moved onto the German people themselves. If the German people had stood up for their country at the beginning of the restrictions - they would not have had to go through such horror between 1933 to 1945. If you believe for one second the Irish Government are operating in your best interests, watch the Jordan Peterson video below.

"The higher the prevalence of infectious diseases, the higher the probability of totalitarian political attitudes at the local level."  Jordan Peterson (See Video @ 1'18)

“The chief function of propaganda is to convince the masses, who slowness of understanding needs to be given time in order that they may absorb information; and only constant repetition will finally succeed in imprinting an idea on their mind………the slogan must of course be illustrated in many ways and from several angles, but in the end one must always return to the assertion of the same formula. The one will be rewarded by the surprising and almost incredible results that such a personal policy secures.”

Adolf Hitler from “Mein Kampf” (Source Link)

Jordan Peterson - Adolf Hitler (Public Health)

Trust Me, I Wear A Face Mask

Remember this all you face mask wearers out there in Ireland, it was NOT Adolf Hitler who murdered millions of men, women and children. Doctors and Nurses gladly done it for him and not one of them ever went to prison (Source Link). If you think the Irish Government are going to simply give you back your freedom and 30 Basic Human Rights if you follow ALL their Level 1 through Level 5 Restrictions - you really need to start reading some history books. Believe it or not, Adolf Hitler got a collection of Jews to volunteer in each town or city (the Yellow Badge & Covid Face Mask Wearers) to convince other Jews (other Yellow Badge & Covid Face Mask Wearers) to board the concentration camp trains to their death because they trusted other Jews.


Any person who has NOT worn a face mask throughout this Covid False Pandemic, has experienced the EXACT same disgust and abuse directed at them from face mask wearers, that the Jews experienced from their own kind and the German people - before the horrific violence consumed them. History is currently repeating itself. Just like the people experienced in Nazi Germany, the Irish Government restrictions are NEVER going to end. Why would they give up this power? People are naive to think otherwise.

Trust Me, I Wear A Yellow Badge (1939)

Scene From The Pianist - The Award Winning Film Based On True History

(Source Link)

Wear A Yellow Badge Or You Starve (2021)

Morrisons are the 4th Largest Chain of Supermarkets in the UK (Source Link)

Commit Crimes And Get Away With It (1998)

Why Isn't This Guy In Jail? (Source Link)

Face Masks Are Toxic To ALL Humans

There is not a person on Earth who can prove Face Masks are not toxic to any human after 30 seconds. You could bet as much money in the world as you want to ask someone to prove it and you would win the bet. A Stanford University Study published in November 2020 proves this beyond any doubt (Source Link). This is a quick PDF download of the study that you can share with friends and family (Source Link). Now why was this study not covered by the media? The last 12 months has seen for the first time since 1960, a vast amount of studies and research done on Face Masks. Can you imagine how embarrassing it's going to be for Medical Professionals to publicly admit after 61 years of use, that they NEVER bothered to check the toxicity of their own mask? It really boggles the mind how the most sophisticated and seemingly most intelligent discipline in the world, contained the most naive. It is very clear now over the past 12 months how easily Doctors and Nurses were convinced to murder millions of men, women and children during Nazi Germany. Medical Professionals follow orders and that's all they do.

All the Face Mask wearers out there across the world, who have been treating people who refuse to wear masks like dirt, insulting them, screaming at them have a lot to answer for. When Medical Professionals reveal the truth about Face Masks - will these same people apologize to those they have insulted publicly? Once again the weak minded (face mask wearers) telling the strong minded (anti-face mask wearers) how to live their lives. Bullies telling people who just want to be left alone what to think and do with their lives. Their naive decision may have cost them irreparable damage to their lungs. That will be their punishment for acting like a bully to people who just wanted to be left alone.

Face Masks Have Been Dangerous To ALL Humans Since The 1960s

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(Multiple People Can Split The Cost of a CO2 Meter)

Follow The White Rose

Businesses all across Ireland are opening back up from 4th of July 2021. Follow The White Rose, DOWNLOAD our Independence Day poster and place it on the window of your premises. Be brave and demand the government give you back all your human rights. Otherwise you will be in lockdown indefinitely for years. The big guys in government are helping the big guys in corporations to ruin the little guy in business. Together the little guys can become stronger than any global corporation (Source Link).