Dr. Tony Holohan (Chief Medical Officer)

As indicated in Issue 1 of The White Rose Newsletter published on Friday 12th March 2021, the first person of interest is the Chief Medical Officer - Dr. Tony Holohan. This individual needs to answer questions from professionals relating to the first count i.e., the 5th Human Right titled "No Torture. Nobody has any right to hurt us or to torture us."

Remarkably, this is the same guy who said 1 million people in Ireland would die from Swine Flu in 2009 (Source Link). After a full investigation over several years, in the end just 22 people died as a DIRECT result of Swine Flu in Ireland (Source Link). This is the guy the People of Ireland trust... this guy (Source Link)? How in God's name could he be ever trusted again? What business in their right mind would hire him after 2009? Now he is in full charge of the ruthless government propaganda machine for Covid. Let's see how that so called 'pandemic' is going for him.

How Easily We Forgot The Lies of 2009!

How The Media Push A False Pandemic!

Dr. Tony Holohan pushing lies in 2011

Currently as of 28th February 2021, there have been 3.5 million Covid Tests completed in Ireland; 225,619 Positive Tests inIreland; and 4,319 Deaths from Covid in Ireland. That tells us that of the 225,619 that tested positive for Covid - 221,300 people recovered from Covid (Download PDF). That means you have a 98.1% chance of recovering from Covid in Ireland. This is not rocket science. It's simple mathematics. Also the Flu, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Cancer & Natural Death have ALL been cured since March 2020 in Ireland. How convenient forthe HSE Ireland.

Is the HSE Releasing False Data?

The other question the People of Ireland should be asking is, if a person tests positive for Covid on Monday - this positivetest is recorded by the HSE. If that same person is tested onTuesday - is this positive test recorded as a separate positive test per person, to fuel government propaganda false data? If there are 4.9million people in Ireland and the government claim there has been 3.5 million Covid Tests completed, that means there are just 1.4 million people left in Ireland that still need to be tested. This beggars belief. Are we to believe that 72% of the Irish population have taken a Covid Test? This basic math puzzle shows the HSE data just might be made up.

Are Face Masks Safe For The People Of Ireland?

Just like the lies Dr. Holohan was peddling in 2009 and was caught out on those lies, this one man controls the freedoms and rights of 4.9 million people in Ireland. Now that is power! The Cervical/Check Scandal of 2018 in Ireland alone, should have led to his imprisonment (Source Link). The public need to demand answers from this man because the media certainly won't ask him the Covid related questions they should be asking. His unrehearsed responses in public to questions will determine whether a full independent investigation is warranted. With his vast medical background and experience, the people of Ireland would like to know are Face Masks safe for the public, as outlined in the first count against the People of Ireland?

Live Face Mask Experiment

By conducting a live independent face mask experiment upon three subjects: a) Dr. Tony Holohan; b) a Child; and c) an Elderly citizen would reassure the public that face masks, do not torture or hurt the People of Ireland - thus not in violation of the 5th Human Right. The last 12 months has seen the first worldwide studies on face masks. Medical Professionals may have been under the illusion face masks were safe since their introduction in the 1960s. Dr. Holohan needs to show the world on LIVE television that Face Masks are safe for humans. Remember, Medical Professionals supported and defended tobacco companies for 100 years as outlined in "Ashes To Ashes" by Richard Kluger.

Are Face Masks Safe For The People?

This individual also needs to answer questions from professionals relating to the second count i.e., the 9th Human Right titled "No unfair detainment. Nobody has the right to put us in prison without a good reason and keep us there, or to send us away from our country."

Live RTE / TV3 Debate

An RTE or TV3 Live Debate (90 mins) between Dr. Tony Holohan and Professor Dolores Cahill on the issue of prison lockdown for the People of Ireland is proposed. The TV debate would need to be hosted by an independent unbiased journalist / presenter. The people of Ireland would like to know if this prison lockdown (Level 1 through Level 5 restrictions) is justified based on the evidence, research presented by Dr. Holohan and Professor Cahill? Let the public decide who is telling the truth. When a person lies, the only way they can continue their rhetoric is to tell more lies.


Censorship has protected Dr. Holohan from answering questions based on fact, research and evidence. It's time that wall of protection was removed. The public deserve to know the truth, as they are after all paying Dr. Holohan's salary. This debate would be the first Live TV Debate on Covid in the world and would garner either TV Networks vast advertising revenue - so why not have the debate? This debate would reassure the public that Dr. Tony Holohan is not in violation of the 9th Human Right against the People of Ireland.

Is Professor Cahill Telling The Truth?


The Image Slider below will display a list of individuals within the Medical Industry, who should be questioned about Human Rights Crimes & Corruption against the People of Ireland. Click on the images to see more information on the individual as well as the various counts that they may or may not have committed.

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