Do You Remember The 1920s?

In 1922 the Irish people got their independence from the British Government. Watch how all 30 Basic Human Rights were taken away by the Irish Government from the Irish people since then!

1- Back When The Irish Were Free

3- FANTASY - The Gardai Are One Of Us 2021

Government Propaganda to try and brainwash the Irish people that the Gardai are fun loving people who protect the Irish people.

(The Stockholm Syndrome)

2- The Gardai Need More Power in 2021

4- REALITY - The Gardai Are NOT Of Us 2021

The Gardai are breaking many human rights violations in this Covid protest video. It is against the law to hurt citizens. The Gardai protect the Government - nothing more, nothing less. 

Do You Remember 1979?

On 29th September 1979, over 1.25 million Irish people gathered to meet the Pope in the Phoenix Park. This remarkable event represented one third of the Irish population at the time. (Source Link)

1.25 Million+ People At The Phoenix Park 1979

Do You Remember 4th of July 2021?

Isn't it time the world got to see the biggest historical gathering of people in Ireland, so they can tell the Irish Government that their 30 Basic Human Rights are not for sale to anyone or any country. Sign The Petition and become part of something beautiful and FREE.

Celebrate Ireland's Independence Day (2nd Trailer)

About The Event On 4th of July 2021

Just like the one million+ Irish people who turned out to meet the Pope in the Phoenix Park, Dublin in 1979, over one million Irish people will once again descend on Dublin City Centre, to defend their basic human rights and freedoms. The time for negotiation with the Irish Government with regards our rights is over. This Event will not be promoted or televised by the mainstream media because it goes up against EVERYTHING that they have stood for since 1922. History shows how 'People Power' is the greatest asset against ANY dictatorship.

1986 People Power Revolution 2 Million+

1989 Tiananmen Sq. Protests 2 Million+

The Fall Of The Berlin Wall 1989

What To Expect?

There will be live music, dancing, singing and over one million people having fun on OUR land, not the Irish Government's land. Let the Irish Government know on 4th of July 2021 that Ireland is NOT FOR SALE. Just 10 people (one of them being an Irish guy called Bob Geldof) were involved in bringing LIVE AID to the world in 1985..... just 10 people made it happen inside 3 months. Together, one million people in Ireland will show the world they are united in their escape from this prison of their mind and government psychological lies and manipulation for 100 years will be shown the door!


Who Will Perform?

The suggested time of the event is between 2pm - 4pm. There should be NO official Stage Platform and NO official Speeches at the 2 Hour Event. THIS EVENT IS NOT A PROTEST. It is a massive party of celebration to make up for the St Patrick's Day '20, Easter '20, Summer Holidays '20, Halloween '20, Christmas '20, New Year's Eve '20, Valentine's Day '21, St. Patrick's Day '21 and Easter '21 Holidays the Irish Government stole from the People of Ireland. The People of Ireland are going to party "like it's nineteen ninety" (Source Link).


People can bring their acoustic musical instruments and celebrate their Independence Day from the Irish Government. Every business across Ireland will open back up if they have not already done so before 4th July 2021, showing corrupt politicians that their time of dictatorship has come to an end. It's how they did it when The Berlin Wall fell, it's how it has ALWAYS been done throughout history. What will over one million Irish people celebrating their freedom look like across the world? It will be the most important and one of the most memorable and exciting moments of our lives.

Croke Park Match.jpg
U2 2017 Croke Park.jpg

80,000+ People Can Attend Croke Park

(GAA Elite Sports Football Final)

1.1 million+ watch it on RTE (2019)

75,000+ People Can Attend U2 Concert 2017

(Bono is worth $700 million+)

Tells the rest of us to give to the poor!

Human Rights Violations By Irish Government (5 to 10 people on O' Connell Street 2021)

There is no use in the people of Ireland standing up when the Gardai are patrolling the streets, with

the very weapons and guns paid for by the Irish people.

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