Do The People Of Ireland Live In A Dictatorship?

A Basic Education is Not In Our Interest - Irish Government

Let us go back in time and tell you a true story that happened in Ireland not too long ago on 1st January 1980.... There once was a man called Dougal living in Ireland, who had one euro in his pocket. One day Bosco a puppet for the Irish Government knocked on his door and told him - that he had to give all of that one euro to another person (Source Link). What do you think Dougal done? When he asked who is going to get that one euro? Bosco replied that he didn't have to tell him. Dougal looked back at him shocked. "Well since we joined the European Union in 1973 with an 83% peoples vote (Source Link), our original debt of £20.4 million (Source Link) has skyrocketed in just 7 years to $13.84 billion would you believe (Source Link) because we've been spending way beyond our means with all this 'free money', but that's something you don't have to worry your little head about" said Bosco. "Learning how to manage money is something we don't even teach you in school and for any government to give its population a basic education, would be insane" said Bosco with a grin. So through clever manipulation Dougal gave him the one euro in the end, even though he didn't want to. At the time in 1980 the Irish Government had a debt of €13 billion so everything was rosy, even though being in debt for €13 billion to someone else is a lot of money.

It Must Have Been A Dream Dougal, You Are Not That Stupid!

Ireland in 2007

Life went on for a while and Dougal saved the money that he had earned and put it into his own bank account. He watched and listened to the government and state run media for the next 27 years talk about 'The Celtic Tiger', as they told him every evening that Ireland was such a great and rich country and that anybody could get a loan for anything they wanted. On 1st of January 2007 he got another knock at his door. "Well if it isn't the bould Leo, how are ye?" said Dougal. "I'm fine Dougal, how are you?" said Leo (Source Link). "Great, what can I do for you?" said Dougal. "In celebration of me being appointed a TD, I'm asking for a whiparound the area for one euro to get some nice suits to represent the locals, in front of all the headers in Government" said Leo. "There you go Leo, things have been great the last few years and it was so easy to get a loan from the bank for that big field you see out the back". "Tommy next door was also able to easily get a loan to refurbish his pub, so you are all doing a great job up there and the evening news loves yez". At the time in 2007 the Irish Government had a debt of €64.6 billion but everything was rosy because all the journalists thought the government was doing a great job (Source Link).

The Lights Are On, But There's Nobody Home!

Ireland in 2008 - Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?

Things continued to look great in Ireland over the next 12 months and the evening news congratulated the Irish Government on such a fine job through its Celtic Tiger era. Then one morning on 1st February 2008, Dougal seen Leo walking toward him from a distance. By the time Leo got to him, Dougal noticed Leo didn't look too well. "Good morning Leo, how are ye" said Dougal. "Not too good Dougal". EXACT QUOTE.. "When I got elected as a TD, I went out shopping for lots of nice suits, but I won't be buying any fancy suits for a while," (Source Link). "How come Leo, what's wrong?". Leo replied "Well, I won't beat about the bush Dougal, I need to get a whiparound for €64 billion euro! (Source Link) Dougal burst out laughing and said "you are joking aren't you? I don't have €64 billion euro and neither does the town!"


"Ok" said Leo. "What we can do is split it up among all your friends, how many friends have you got?". Dougal thought for a second and said "I have 4.4 million friends (Source Link) but about one thousand of them I wouldn't consider real friends". "Why is that Dougal?". "I just don't trust them Leo" said Dougal. "No problem, so I'll get out my calculator and try and come to some sort of an arrangement". Leo plays around with his calculator for a few minutes and says "Ok, €64 billion euro divided by 4.4 million of your friends comes to €14,239". Have you got €14 thousand Dougal? As Leo walked away, Dougal was laughing out loud shouting at him "Where am I going to get 14 thousand euro Leo?". At the time in 2008 the Irish Government debt jumped in one year from €64.6 billion to 117.1 billion (Source Link) because without a referendum the People of Ireland were forced to bailout all the banks with foreign loans by the Irish Government, to the tune of €64 billion euro (Source Link) and the People of Ireland sat back without any national protest.

These Are Small, But The Ones Out There Are Far Away!

Ireland Becomes A Dictatorship

2008 was the year that Ireland became a Dictatorship. The People of Ireland could not stop the bailout of the banks. They were not allowed ask who exactly was receiving the bailout and the People of Ireland would have to pay for it, for decades. Many tiny protests happened in Ireland from 2008 onwards as more and more bailouts of the banks were given. The Irish Government continued to borrow billions to the point where on 7th of March 2021, our current National Debt stands at €220.5 billion euro (Source Link) and STILL even in 2021, the People of Ireland are silent on what happens. To put this debt into perspective on a per capita basis, that’s the third highest in the world, eclipsed only by the US and Japan. It equates to €46,177 for every man, woman and child in the State (Source Link). A recent update on Ireland's debt as of 24th March 2021, has now our debt at 241.8 billion increasing by €21.3 billion in the last two weeks. You can follow the interactive debt clock here (Source Link). The Irish Government have burned all your rights in the last 12 months and now they are burning all your money.

Following on from 2008, there was just one journalist in all of Ireland called Vincent Browne who bravely was representing the people. He was ridiculed by the state media and newspapers and instead of his show being broadcast @ 6pm every evening, his show was broadcast @10pm - when most of Ireland were asleep. He is world famous for standing up to the European Central Bank, refusing to accept their lies. The silence, embarrassment and ignorance of all the other journalists around him featured within the video below, clearly shows the People of Ireland what standard of journalism is around them.


Now ask yourself. When was the last time you seen any politician or public servant questioned in such a manner, as that Vincent Browne Q&A with the European Central Bank (ECB) representative? Why didn't the other journalists around him follow up with the same questions DEMANDING an answer from him?

Banks Close Their Branches in 2021

The People of Ireland gave the corrupt banks €64 billion euros in 2008 and now in 2021 they have started to close their branches and use post offices to distribute their services (Source Link). There is but one outcome for this madness - to bankrupt the post office distribution system. Now even our post offices are in the money laundering business.

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“It is the press media above all, which wages a positively fanatical and slanderous struggle, tearing down everything which can be regarded as a support of national independence, cultural elevation, and the economic independence of the nation.”

― Adolf Hitler

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