Believe or Not!

What if we told you that in just one year, the Irish Government closed 75 hospitals throughout Ireland, would you believe us? Well that is exactly what happened between 2008 and 2009 and we bet you never seen it in the news. We have provided resource links for all the data below which is very easy to understand.

The hospital crisis today was preplanned and the Irish people knew nothing about it because their media NEVER asked the questions. Between 2007 and 2019 the Irish Government has closed 127 hospitals, even though the population has risen by 600,000. We have 1,163 less nurses today looking after that 600,000 population increase and 11,471 less inpatient hospital beds.


If you buy a house in 2007 that has 22,421 beds and it still leads to an extra 50,000 people waiting on hospital trolleys (Source Link), why would you then buy an even smaller house in 2019 that has 10,950 beds and not expect 108,364 people to be waiting on hospital trolleys (Source Link)? The more you go down the "Yellow Brick Road" of discovery, the worse the scandals get.

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The Irish Government and its politicians over the past 100 years are the most incompetent group of individuals, who pay themselves hundreds of millions at the taxpayer's expense. They should not even be let near a small street shop cash register. If this destruction of the Health System in Ireland over the decades is indeed deliberate, then who is pulling their strings to do this to the People of Ireland (Source Link)?

Your fun loving politicians can perform all these magic tricks in secret, without any investigation by state run media of which YOU pay a massive annual license fee for (Source Link), while at the same time in just one year (2015) they can award themselves €100 million euro in salaries (Source Link). It was reported in May 2018 by the Sunday Independent, that the wealth of 158 TDs was in excess of €216m euro (Source Link). There is a Cabal of corrupt politicians within the Irish Government and the state run media that protects them and the ordinary person living in Ireland is just not in their gang. The Irish Government and its state run media are NOT your friend. They never were.

The Irish Government Fixes The Hospital Trolley Crisis

In 2020/21 the Irish Government sorted out the hospital trolley crisis that has plagued them for decades. They were able to reduce the 324 per day average of 2019 down to just 98 per day for Mar 2020 to Dec 2020. The strategy began 12th March 2020.


1) They put the fear into everyone and told them all to stay at home no matter how sick they were;

2) They told 4.9 million people to stay away from each other, don't hug each other, nor visit loved ones;

3) They cancelled St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Summer Holidays, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day 21 & Easter 21;

4) They told the Doctors and Nurses to go on FULL paid vacation, so the public couldn't access hospital services; and

5) All the hospitals cancelled one million appointments.


It was a remarkable plan and they never thought the people would go along with it, but they did and the people placed the entire Health Service on a pedestal as heroes with their slogan "Support the HSE". It was a brilliant propaganda campaign by the government and for all their fantastic efforts, they give themselves a bonus pay rise that pushed them over the €100,000 per year bracket (Source Link).

HSE Stay At Home Covid Campaign 2020

Support The HSE Staff 2020

Hospital Data 2007, 2019, 2020, 2021

Cork University Hospital

Total Hospitals 2007

176 (Source Link)


Total Hospitals 2019

49 (Source Link)

Nurses II

Total Nurses 2007

39,006 (Source Link)


Total Nurses 2019

Total: 37,843 (Source Link)


Hospital Trolley Total 2019

108,364 patients (Source Link)

(Average 324 per day Jan-Nov)

Empty Hospital

Hospital Trolley Total 2020

Total: 53,325 Patients (Source Link)

Jan - Feb 2020 = 23,325

Mar - Dec 2020 = 30,000

(Average 98 per day Mar-Dec)

Waiting Room

Hospital Appointments 2017

4.2 Million (Source Link)

Doctor On Holiday.png

Hospital Appointments 2020/21

1 Million Cancelled (Source Link)

Cork University Hospital

Total Inpatient Beds 2007

22,421 (Source Link)


Total Inpatient Beds 2019

10,950 (Source Link)

Hospital Beds Stats.png

Total Inpatient Beds 2009 - 2018

(Download Data)

(Source Link)

Brief Summary Of Above Data

So in 2007 we had 4.3 million people living in Ireland, 176 Hospitals, 22,421 Hospital Beds and 39,006 Nurses. In 2020 we had 4.9 million people living in Ireland (an increase of 600,000), 49 Hospitals (a decrease of 127 hospitals), 10,950 Hospital Beds (a decrease of 11,471 beds) and 37,843 Nurses (a decrease of 1,163 nurses). On 29th January 2021, The Irish Times reported that 84% of those who have died of Covid (2,706) had an underlying condition (The Irish Times Source Link) and The Central Statistics Office (Source Link).


This data is clearly laid out for all to see. The People of Ireland really need to start paying attention and start investigating for themselves. Additionally one should now ask the question, if 2,706 is the correct number of deaths according to The Irish Times investigation and the data released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO), will the HSE Daily Data Breakdown change its false number of 4,319 deaths, to the correct number of 2,706? Does the People of Ireland really believe that 1,613 people died of Covid between 22nd January 2021 and 28th February 2021 since the CSO data was released? As The Irish Times 29th January 2021 article stated.....


"When that is added to the cohort of those aged between 65 and 79 (786), it means that 93% of people who have died from Covid-19 in the State are over the age of 65. It seems that the Normal Flu, Pneumonia, TB, Cancer and Natural Death have been cured in Ireland.


With all the sporadic numbers being released by the HSE, NPHET and the media, it clearly shows many of the numbers are just made up. Why? To scare the People of Ireland into giving up all their 30 Basic Human Rights, for what the government call "the greater good". The Irish Government are really working for the People of Ireland, aren't day? Remember, the Irish Government will never leave you alone.

What's A Real Hero?

When the Irish Government have to create a propaganda campaign to tell you that the Doctors and Nurses in Ireland are heroes, alarm bells should ring out loudly. A real hero doesn't look for recognition nor needs others to tell people that they are a hero. The Doctors and Nurses in Ireland that are going along with this madness are parasites, not heroes. A real hero is someone like 'Nurse Rose' who has become a whistleblower in February 2021. Why isn't she interviewed by state run media? Listen to what's really going on in our hospitals here in Ireland, the UK and USA in the featured videos below.

Cork University Hospital 7th January 2020

Total: 760 Patients in Ireland on Trolleys, on this Day (Source)

Mater Hospital Dublin - Friday 16th October 2020

Total: 0 Patients in Ireland on Trolleys, on this Day

(Since March 2020 you can be arrested for recording video evidence inside any hospital in Ireland)

What's Really Going On in Our Hospitals

A Real Hero doesn't go along with tyranny. A Real Hero goes up AGAINST tyranny. Listen to a real hero called 'Nurse Rose' (Source Link)

Human Rights Crimes Being Committed In Hospitals

NHS Nurse Whistleblower Mar 2021 (Source)

Another Brave Nurse From The UK


Nurse Whistleblower in United States (Mar 2021)

Crimes Being Committed in Hospitals (Source)

Another Brave Nurse From The USA

Where Are All The Patients?

To continue to make the magic trick work required new security measures in hospitals. You can be arrested since March 2020 by police all over the world, if you use your smartphone to record video inside an empty hospital. Governments cannot have the public knowing the truth about the Covid Scandal. We've got Nurses dancing, we've got Medical Professionals dancing and we've got The Police dancing. Are they not meant to be busy as a bee? Search #filmyourhospital within social media to see hundreds of videos from all over the world showcasing empty hospitals.

These dance videos below are Government Propaganda referred to as The Stockholm Syndrome. Just like in Nazi Germany the Medical Professionals, The Police and Governments around the world, are NOT your friend. They have went along with this Covid Scandal and because of it, hundreds of millions of hospital, dental, doctor, psychologists and physiotherapy appointments have been cancelled all over the world. Further still for the first time in medical history, doctors can diagnose you without even examining you and the public love them for it.


Remember, Adolf Hitler did NOT kill millions of people. He had Doctors and Nurses do the killing for him and they happily obliged and not one of them went to prison for it.


Hitler Did Not Kill Millions Of People

(The Killing Doctors & Nurses Of The Third Reich)

Physicians and Nurses did the killing and said NOTHING!

- Today, history is repeating itself -

Part 1 of 2

Hitler Did Not Kill Millions Of People

(The Killing Doctors & Nurses Of The Third Reich)

Physicians and Nurses did the killing and said NOTHING!

- Today, history is repeating itself -

Part 2 of 2

"The great strength of the totalitarian state is that it forces those who fear it to imitate it."

“Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.”

Adolf Hitler

Where Are All The Patients?

(USA September 2020)

Where Are All The Patients?

(USA September 2020)

Empty Hospitals Compilation

Original Source Link (7th April 2020)

Archive Source Link

We Thought You Were All Busy with Patients?

Now while you watch these Dance Videos remember, these dances took a lot of time to choreograph. Are they not swamped with patients? The truth is Doctors, Nurses and Hospital Staff are on the biggest full paid vacation of their lives and the public taxpayer is paying for it. What's the difference between these video clips and a celebrity or stripper video looking for attention? Narcissism within the Health Service across the world, is on a level NEVER seen in human history. It's very sickening to see such behaviour. But it's to be expected because none of them go to prison when they abuse the elderly in nursing homes. Nursing Homes are the areas most of them get their training - before moving into a hospital. RTE published a Prime Time Investigation in 2014 about elderly abuse in nursing homes. To this day the Irish Government have done NOTHING about it (Source Link).

"Even If You Died Of Cancer, We Said You Died Of Covid" Leo Varadkar

Narcissism On A Whole New Level

Nursing Home Abuse Investigation


Mayo Hospital Dance Video (Mar 2021)

Wolves in Sheeps Clothing

Fantasy: The Gardai Are Your Friend

Reality: The Gardai Are NOT Your Friend

(Protesting Your Human Rights in Ireland)