Your Life Does NOT Belong To The Irish Government

The first thing each individual in Ireland needs to do no matter what their age, is to stop toxic Carbon Dioxide going forcibly into their lungs from the use of a Face Mask. There is no person on Earth who can prove that Face Masks are not dangerous to ALL humans after just 30 seconds of use. Medical Professionals have never bothered checking the CO2 levels of their own surgical Face Mask for the past 61 years. This is NOT your problem. Your problem concerns YOU and your children if applicable. Medical Professionals will now be able to sue all Face Mask Manufacturers around the world who supplied Hospitals, GP Surgeries, Dental Surgeries etc., for 61 years with their product. If Medical Professionals can bring lawsuits against Face Mask Manufacturers based upon the statute of 'attempted murder', there is no limitation on how far back they can go with their respective lawsuit (Source Link).

Go Into A Business Prior To March 2020 With A Mask = Staff Were Weary

It's quite ironic that before March 2020, it was not permitted to walk into an establishment with a face covering or indeed a motorcycle helmet. This was to give the staff a chance to prepare in the event of a robbery. In Ireland Face Masks are mandatory in the following establishments listed below. If thiefs are not taking advantage of this requirement in establishments since March 2020 all across the world, then they are a lot less intelligent than we thought they ever were. This robbery occured in a UK bank in September 2017 before any mask mandates were introduced (Source Link). Why bank robberies and other crimes of theft hasn't skyrocketed since March 2020 is beyond belief, but when the Irish Government gives everyone 'free money' each week, thiefs don't have to rob banks or other types of establishments.


Bank Robbery in UK Sept 2017 (Source Link)

Face coverings are mandatory for the People of Ireland under unconstitutional law which was passed on 10th August 2020 (Source Link) and (PDF Download). So the People of Ireland have been forced to wear a face mask for 7 months as of 30th March 2021. These list of premises include:

  • Shops, including pharmacies

  • Shopping centres

  • Libraries

  • Cinemas and cinema complexes

  • Theatres

  • Concert halls

  • Bingo halls

  • Museums

  • Nail salons, hair salons and barbers

  • Tattoo and piercing parlours

  • Travel agents and tour operators

  • Laundries and dry cleaners

  • Bookmakers

  • Banks, credit unions and post offices

Reasonable excuses to NOT wear a mask includes where you:

  • Cannot wear a face covering because of a physical or mental illness or a disability, or because it would cause you severe distress

  • Need to communicate with someone who has difficulties communicating

  • Remove a face covering to provide care or assistance to a vulnerable person or to provide emergency assistance to someone

  • Remove a face covering to take medication

  • Remove a face covering to avoid harm or injury


You are not wearing a Face Mask so as to avoid harm or injury. "I plead the 5th, it's as simple as that". When a Garda is wearing their face mask and approaches you, tell them under law "members of the Garda Síochána do not have to wear a face covering when performing their duties". Why are they wearing a face mask if they do NOT have to wear one?


No Face Mask - Students Are Sent Home (Source Link)

Face Mask Exemption Test With A Doctor or Pharmacist

Probably one of the most important things that each individual in Ireland needs to do as soon as possible is stop toxic Carbon Dioxide poisoning. Face Masks create the perfect environment for lung cancer (Source Link). For any human being on Earth to think that stopping oxygen going into their body was a good idea, needs their head examined. Which do you value more - the Irish Government's unconstitutional laws and mandates or your own life and well being? Because Doctors and Pharmacists do not have Carbon Dioxide Meters on their premises you need to bring one with you and they use it to test your Face Mask carbon dioxide levels. If these Medical Professionals were interested in protecting public health they would have these devices on hand for anyone who walks into their establishment.


The Face Mask Test process takes just 60 seconds and we have supplied a PDF download by clicking here that you bring with you, of which they MUST sign. You can then use the document anywhere you wish whether you are travelling locally, nationally or internationally. By forcing you to wear a face mask is a Human Rights crime, the 5th one in particular states: No Torture. Nobody has any right to hurt us or to torture us

I Can't Afford A Carbon Dioxide Meter

Digital Carbon Dioxide Meters cost anywhere from €70 euro upwards. They need to be able to register a Carbon Dioxide Level of 0 through to 9999 ppm and also contain a protruding spout to place within the Face Mask itself. PPM stands for Parts Per Million. This is an example of such a Digital Meter below but it is up to you where you purchase the device from. The excuse that you cannot afford this device is nullified when you can share the cost of the device with friends, family or people in your neighbourhood who can then use the same device to have their own Face Mask tested. It is a good idea to bring someone along with you to record the test on a mobile phone so the results cannot be falsified by the Doctor or Pharmacist. Before leaving make sure both the video evidence on your mobile phone or camera and the carbon dioxide levels are EXACTLY the same according to the 10, 15, 20, 30 and 60 second intervals listed on your face exemption sheet (available here).


If they value your health then they will perform the test. If they don't value your health they will refuse and you must tell them that. It's against the law for them to refuse a patient any medical request whatever field the licensed medical professional falls under. This is covered under Medical Ethics and its four Principles of which their international license is based upon (Source Link). They can have their license revoked if they refuse your request. They have been telling lies to the People of Ireland for 12 months now, so it's about time they started supporting the truth based on facts and evidence.


Digital Carbon Dioxide Meter

Original Source Link & Archive Source Link

How The Medical Professsional Performs The Test

The following video can be used as a basis for instructions on how to perform a Face Mask Exemption Test, that will stand up in any court anywhere in the world. The Nuremberg Trials provided the foundation for citizens to be protected against rogue governments who destroy human rights on ANY level. The whole procedure will take up 60 seconds of the medical professional's time. It is very important to have a witness with you to record the carbon dioxide level results alongside those entered into the sheet by the medical professional or their assistant.

Face Masks Have Been Dangerous To ALL Humans Since The 1960s

Archive Source Link / Original Amazon Source Link

(Multiple People Can Split The Cost of a CO2 Meter)

Governments & Health Organisations Changing Historical Data

One of the most dangerous things that has occured around the world, is the scramble by Health Organisations and the media to change and alter historical data that they have published prior to March 2020. This blatant disregard for human life can be shown within the following cases below. The United Nations, CDC and WHO etc., need to decide whether:


a) Carbon Dioxide is BAD for the Earth & Good for Humans to Inhale; or

b) Carbon Dioxide is GOOD for the Earth & BAD for Humans to Inhale.

You can't have it both ways. Plants Inhale Carbon Dioxide and Exhale Oxygen & Humans Inhale Oxygen and Exhale Carbon Dioxide. Basic Biology 101. It isn't rocket science. Without Carbon Dioxide plants and the 3 trillion trees around the world would die. Humans would then starve to death. 

CASE NO. 1 : Carbon Dioxide Levels Inside Medical Examiner's Building (2015)

This evaluation report (PDF Download) was conducted in 2015 within a Medical Examiner's Office in The United States of America, after "The Health Hazard Evaluation Program received a request from employees in the medical examiner’s office building". These Health Hazard Evaulation Programs are conducted by a specific division of the CDC (Source Link).


Employees in the police evidence intake, processing, and storage areas (evidence property control specialists) were concerned about inadequate ventilation. The Carbon Dioxide Guideline within the study was rated at a maximum 700ppm levels. "....... that indoor CO2 concentrations no greater than 700 parts per million (ppm) above outdoor CO2 concentrations will satisfy a substantial majority (about 80%) of visitors with regard to body odor from sedentary building occupants (Page 3 of PDF document). Outdoor Carbon Dioxide Levels are typically between 300 and 400 ppm (Source Link). This means a maximum total of 1,000 ppm to 1,100 ppm would satisfy the employees within the Medical Examiner's Building i.e., a government building that provides the evidence for the Police within the United States.


Pushing Lies, Altering and Publishing False Data

One of the most damning videos that was released on Youtube with regard the dangers of Face Masks is the video featured above with the young boy and his father. It was released on 7th July 2020. This is what unfolded after it received hundreds of thousands of views inside a couple of days. The video displays the current OH&S Carbon Dioxide levels as of 7th of July 2020 as indicated in the image below. Watch what happened when the global media censorship congolmerates, went into overdrive to try and supress the visual evidence presented in the video itself.

1st guideline.png

Carbon Dioxide Guidelines by OH&S (7th July 2020)

Fact Check By AFP

Before the AFP article was published the video was removed by Youtube a few days later for breaking their community guidelines. The AFP released the following article (Source Link) on 21st July 2020 concerning the video and tried to destroy as well as censor the video across all platforms. AFP is the third-biggest news agency in the world (after Reuters and AP)—with operations in multiple languages and 151 countries—but it gets up to about 40 percent of its funding from its home government in France. AFP are funded by the French Government and as the following article indicates "While the French state only controls three of the 18 seats on AFP’s board, it’s all but impossible for a CEO to operate without its confidence" (Source Link).

Within the AFP article the following statement is very troubling - "The experiments further mislead by truncating the chart, making 5,000 ppm look like the highest mark, when in fact the real chart shows that 40,000 ppm and above is the level considered dangerous, even for short periods of time".


So the United Nations believe an outdoor 300 - 400 ppm rating of Carbon Dioxide is dangerous to everyone on the planet because they want their 'zero emissions' rating, but breathing in 39 thousand parts per million of Carbon Dioxide is nothing to be scared about (Source Link). This defies any logical thinking whatsoever. Adults are being treated like children and we are allowing them to treat us that way.

CASE NO. 2: Carbon Dioxide Levels Inside A School (2015)

This study was conducted in the UK and its results were published on 9th January 2015. The study examined ways of reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions within a school environment below 1,000 ppm (Source Link). As stated in the article "The study provides evidence that simultaneous provision for limiting indoor CO2 levels and thermal conditions below current guidelines (e.g. below 1000 ppm and 26℃ or 22℃ depending on season) may improve perceived IAQ. This paper stresses the need to go beyond current regulations to investigate concentrations of specific pollutants to ensure a healthy school environment, and closes with a section on the practical implications on the UK policy and the building design industry.


More evidence for the 700 - 1,000 ppm limit can be found here and here.

So download your Face Mask Exemption Form below and stop breathing in toxic poisonous Carbon Dioxide gas directly into your lungs.