Stand Up For Children's Rights

​The People of Ireland need to stand up and BOYCOTT every Primary and Secondary School in Ireland, that forces children to wear face masks and or forces them to have a vaccine. It is against international law and falls within your 30 Basic Human Rights. The 5th Human Right states "No Torture. Nobody has any right to hurt us or to torture us." Adults who wear face masks (including Doctors, Nurses and other Medical Professionals) will suffer the horrific unhealthy consequences of their uneducated decision, which leads to a perfect environment for lung cancer (Download PDF). However, to force children to do so is child abuse and should be treated as such. Any adult can use a Digital Carbon Dioxide Meter to see the terrible effects of face masks on their lungs. It's not rocket science and takes just 30 seconds. To stop oxygen going into a child's body is no different to placing a 'gag' over their mouth and nose. It's not your problem if some parents force their children to wear a face mask - but it is a human rights crime if a school denies children a basic education and supports discrimination.


The 26th Human Right states "The right to education. Education is a right. Primary school should be free. We should learn all about how to get on with others. Our parents can choose what we learn." Schools are also committing crimes with regard discrimination i.e., the 1st Human Right which states "We are all free and equal. We are all born free. We all have our own thoughts and ideas. We should all be treated in the same way." Schools should be sued immediately by parents for the introduction of these measures. But when in history did schools every teach children about their human rights? This medical madness (supported by criminal medical professionals) is being introduced in the UK and was covered on the 3rd March 2021 by The Daily Telegraph (Source Link).

COVID Daily Health Check Passes for Children

The following videos are very real and are currently being introduced in Los Angeles, California, USA. If you believe for one second that these Daily Health Checks will not be introduced in schools within Ireland, you are very naive. By going along with insane people and their ideas - you become insane yourself. Video Clip 1 is a quick summary of this new Induction Programme for schools, while Video Clip 2 is the full video from the school district itself. This is horrifying for children and the video is made to look like fun for them with masterful propaganda. What kind of parents have we become, when we can't even stand up for innocent children? (Download PDF for Students). Remember, all this personal information about your child goes into a worldwide database controlled by Microsoft. Think about that for a second. Remember the phrase "two weeks to flatten the curve"? ............ that was 12 months ago.

(1) Quick Summary Video

(Source Link)

(3) Our Children Will NEVER Forgive Us

(2) Full Promotional Video By LA School District

(Source Link)

(4) New Caring Home Restrictions by Medical Professionals

​Did Adolf Hitler Kill 11 Million People?

It is NOT one man like Adolf Hitler that the People of Europe should have feared between 1933 to 1945 because he killed no one personally (Source Link). The People of Europe should have feared the Doctors and Nurses who injured, maimed, poisoned and brutally killed millions of men, women and children. In the end not one of them went to prison for their crimes... not one. Think about that for a second.

The Medical Establishment are one of the most corrupt and disgusting organisations on the planet. In history no organisation or individual comes close to the death count they are responsible for. Just because they have a white coat does NOT mean they are working in your best interests. The Milgrim Experiment featured video below proves this and governments have known this ever since the study was conducted in 1961. While you watch The Milgrim Experiment below remember, that the person in the white coat has NO medical qualifications whatsoever and the subjects were willing to kill another person because a person in a white coat told them to.

Ever since the Medical Establishment was first founded and up to today through the Covid Crisis, the people of the world are allowing Medical Professionals to get away with experimenting, injuring, maiming, poisoning and brutally killing millions of men, women and children and for what? Money of course.

One needs only look at how these deranged and sociopathic individuals dance in hospitals and in hospital car parks, make patients wait outside their buildings in the cold for appointments, treat them like disgusting animals as if they had 'leprosy' and in the case of Ireland, cancel one million hospital appointments (Source Link). Medical Professionals are NOT your friend. The majority of them NEVER were.


The Killing Doctors & Nurses Of Germany (Part 1)

The Killing Doctors & Nurses Of Germany (Part 2)

How Did Medical Professionals Become So Cruel?

When the great Florence Nightingale came into our world she managed to build the cornerstone blocks of Nursing. One of Nightingale's signal achievements "was the introduction of trained nurses into the workhouse system in Britain from the 1860s onwards" (Source Link). Whoever is training the sociopathic nurses and doctors we have today - should be put in prison. In society there are good apples and bad apples. It seems the Medical Industry is over run with bad apples, who care not for any human being but their own pocket and self ego. By treating people like ANIMALS particularly over the past 12 months, they are losing all respect by the people and it has become more than apparent that the medical system is a brutal, inhumane organisation that is rotten to its very core.

The very few that stand up for the good of mankind, have their reputations destroyed by the medical establishment and their peers. It's no wonder so many of the good apples give up their careers early. The system is broken and the only way it can be fixed is if the good apples point out and become a whistleblower on the bad apples. It's time to throw out the trash.

The state run media in Ireland of which a TV License payer pays for, produces various documentaries and investigations. But then once they have been published on their TV streams, they delete those who upload them to the internet and these investigations become lost in their archive libraries. RTE produced a documentary on the abuse in child care facilities called 'Behind Closed Doors'. It's not possible to find this documentary anywhere on the internet. Just because a daycare worker looks harmless and butter wouldn't melt in their mouths, does NOT mean you aren't dealing with a monster. Let's see investigations into child care in another country.

Child Daycare Abuse is a National Problem

Hidden Camera Daycare Investigation


Test Your Face Mask in 60 Seconds

The International Limit for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels going into human lungs is between 350 – 1,000 parts per million (ppm). Anything above 1,000ppm is dangerous to humans. As can be seen from the video link below; after just 5 seconds wearing a mask CO2 Levels have gone above the limit. After 10 seconds = 1,367ppm. After 15 seconds = 2,372ppm. After 20 seconds = 5,523ppm. After 25 seconds = 7,066ppm. After 30 seconds = 8,486ppm. After 35 seconds it is 10,000ppm+. So in just 35 seconds your lungs are taking in catastrophic levels of Carbon Dioxide. What do you think continues to happen past the 35 seconds mark?


For the first time large studies are now showing the horrific side effects from face masks, that have been worn by medical professionals since the 1960s. Just like those who supported the narrative of tobacco companies for 100 years (Source Link), we now have medical professionals supporting the narrative of government and pharmaceutical companies. As an adult you have an obligation to ensure “Nobody has any right to hurt us or to torture us”, so go online today and purchase your CO2 Digital Meter. Your own life and that of your children if you have any depend on it. Your government, shop or retailer have no right to hurt you or to torture you, EVER. Medical Professionals should be suing face mask manufacturers, for a toxic product they've been wearing since the 1960s. The great thing about insane people, is that there will ALWAYS be sane people who will obey everything they tell them.


Face Masks Have Been Dangerous To ALL Humans Since The 1960s

Archive Source Link / Original Amazon Source Link

(Multiple Parents Can Split The Cost of a CO2 Meter)

The Milgrim Experiment (1961)

(Just because they wear a white coat - doesn't mean you are not dealing with a monster)

Longer Days & Shorter Holidays in Schools (Mar 2021)

Social Distancing Robots (2020)

- Boston Dynamics -

UBTech Robotics Advertisement For Schools

See If You Or Your Child Can Negotiate With This (2019)

This video is a parody but if you believe the company Boston Dynamics (funded by US Government) isn't aiming for this, you're very naive (Source Link). Meet Atlas who is real (Source Link)

Irish Mother & Baby Scandal (1925)

Where is the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC) on all this? Why aren't they up in arms defending the rights of the People of Ireland? Let's see why that is. The Chief Commissioner of the IHREC Sinead Gibney, formerly led Google Ireland’s corporate social responsibility function, "Social Action" and the Irish Government put her in charge of this organisation! That is why this entire human rights organisation is silent (Source Link). Formed in 2014, where was the IHREC on the Irish Mother & Baby Scandal over the past 6 years. This scandal happened in 1925, almost 100 years ago. Click the link to follow how IHREC and RTE played no part in this scandal being investigated (Source Link). Don't believe for one second that the Irish Government or RTE didn't know about all these murdered children in Ireland. Ireland has a horrific past fuelled by corrupt politicians, physicians, nurses, religious representatives and the government media propaganda machine that do NOTHING for the People of Ireland.

Nuns and Babies

Irish Mother & Baby Scandal (1925)

The Irish COVID Nursing Home Scandal (2020/21)

The two weakest areas of society are children and the elderly. They do not have the strength to defend themselves especially against the monsters within our society. Let's see what government have done to the elderly in Ireland.


Similar to every other country in the world - when Covid hit Ireland in March 2020, the Irish Government made the decision to clear out all the elderly in hospitals and dump them into Nursing Homes. This total disregard for the elderly caused untold death for this age group, who were the most vulnerable age for any virus or disease, let alone Covid 19. Currently as of 28th February 2021, there is an FBI investigation into Andrew Cuomo (Governor of New York), who is accused of covering up enormous death toll numbers in Nursing Homes. He just like the Irish Government dumped the elderly into Nursing Homes.


Why isn't there a similar investigation of the Irish Government, who needlessly caused the deaths of many elderly people, by taking them out of hospitals where they were safe and dumping them into Nursing Homes where they died? Over 1,000 deaths of the elderly was reported by The Irish Times in May 2020 (Source Link). That is nearly a year ago and the government propaganda media machine has still refused to investigate it.

Millions of children were chosen to be murdered first by Physicians and Nurses under the Third Reich of Germany (Watch Video). This time however in 2020/21, hundreds of thousands of the elderly were chosen to be murdered first by governments across the world, under the directions of the World Health Organisation (Source Link). Media across the world are silent on this scandal.


Just before Covid hit Ireland, the Irish Government had done NOTHING since 2014, with regard the RTE Primetime Investigation "Home Truths", that infuriated the People of Ireland when it first aired (Source Link). "Almost five years after the RTÉ investigation, the HSE still has not put in place any version of CCTV monitoring or a system for undercover inspections or investigations". Why didn't RTE follow up with the government following their investigation in 2014? The Irish Government then dumps all the elderly into Nursing Homes a few months later in March 2020.

Andrew Cuomo Under FBI Investigation 2021

(Covid Nursing Home Scandal)