This is our Official Trailer Promo for 4th of July World Independence Day 2021. Please share with friends and family. We have also provided the video release in two other versions. The 2nd Version enables people to narrate their upload in another langauge and the 3rd Version enables people to both narrate and add their own music or soundtrack. If we join together we can be free, otherwise we'll not survive.


The White Rose is a non-violent organisation of concerned Irish citizens located throughout Europe, who through their knowledge of many industries have come together, to enable the People of Ireland to take back from the Irish Government their 30 basic human rights and freedoms, given to them by God and only God.


The People of Ireland Won't Work Together

The People of Ireland are a very unusual race of people, hence why it took them 1,422 years to gain independence from the British Government in 1922. They trust no one and are angry at everyone. They believe that every other person is an enemy and this all comes down to basic intelligence and life morals. If the People of Ireland cannot get over this first obstacle they will fail. All over the world citizens are joining together because they can get on with each other. The enormous size of their protests and parties showcase this strong cohesion. The small size of the protests and parties in Ireland showcase the enormous lack of cohesion in their rise against the Irish Government.

Governments & Corporations Work Together

Governments are working together along with the largest corporations on Earth to gather, store and share your private data about EVERYTHING you do since you first took money from them in March 2020. The People of Ireland need to ask a question: "Why is Microsoft sending me a verification text message when I log into MyGov.ie, or MyWelfare.ie - with regard my tax details or PUP weekly payment?". UPDATE: 24th May 2021 - Within 48 hours after we highlighted this, the Irish Government have had Microsoft change the text message sender name to "msverify" instead of it displaying "microsoft" as sender. But everyone should know it's still Microsoft that's sending this verification message. Here is the clause enabling this beautiful relationship with Microsoft (Source Link). Do you really believe for one second your data is secure with this lunatic (Source Link)?


What Does A Real Hero Look Like?

Governments in the last 12 months have redefined what a hero is. Let's begin your journey by defining what a hero and a villain is.

"Divide the world into regional groups as a transitional stage to world government. Populations will more readily abandon their national loyalty to a vague regional loyalty than they will for a world authority. Later the regions can be brought together all the way into a single world dictatorship." ― Joseph Stalin

bitchute thumb.jpg

This is what a Real HERO Looks Like

NHS Nurse Speaks Out About Crimes In Hospitals

(March 2021) Resource Link

Tracey O' Mahony (Barrister at Law) - April 2021

The Irish Government Are Going To Court To Extend ALL Restrictions for Another 12 Months. Had Enough Yet? (Source Link)

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This is what a Real VILLAIN Looks Like

Covid Restrictions Protest (Dublin October 2020)

Human Rights Crimes By Gardai

Polish Pastor Tells Canadian Police To Get Out

When you experience Communism you know exactly the steps it takes to get there. You cannot negotiate with a sociopath, EVER. You cannot negotiate with the Irish Government, EVER. Even after these two incidents (Source Link) and (Source Link), the People of Ireland are silent!

Florida (Just 15 Days of Lockdown in 12 Months)

No Social Distancing / No Masks (Mar 2021) (Source Link)

- Sure makes the Irish look like a bunch of schmucks -

Sweden (No Lockdowns in 12 Months)

No Social Distancing / No Masks (Mar 2021) (Source Link)

Original Source Link To Video Footage


Every day on a 24 hour basis for the past 14 months, the People of Ireland have been fed masterful propaganda through its media machines within TV, Radio and Newspapers. It's no wonder Ireland has experienced the most severe and intense lockdowns than any other country on Earth. Let's tell you little secrets about the most deadliest virus that might shock you. Do you know that as of 23rd April 2021 that approximately 0.03737% of the world population (2,808,835 people) have died from Covid? Do you know that no country on Earth has even experienced 0.3% death in its population from Covid? Ireland has had a death rate of 0.09417% i.e., not even 0.1% of its population.


Do you know that the Director of Strategy at RTE is a brother of Simon Coveney (Ireland's Foreign Affairs Minister). So the sociopath who decides when and where you can travel to - has a brother who decides the strategy of RTE (Source Link). Where is the ethics committee on this? Now that's what you call the best propaganda machine in world history - in which governments have put fear into the majority of the world and destroyed peoples lives and the economy.

But now things have become very serious because governments are now going to inject children with a poison that has already killed 4,178 people in the United States according to US Government data (Click Here). And just like in Canada as indicated below as of May 2021, schools will NOT require parents consent to inject this poison into their kids. If a toy on a shelf in Smyths Toys killed 4,178 children, how long would the toy stay on the shelf? If an iPad or Smartphone killed 4,178 people in 4 months, how long would the product stay on the shelf?

Schools in Canada Will NOT Require Parents Consent

(This is why Politicians want to lower the age of consent for minors)


The Irish Government has played you for a fool by filling YOU with toxic propaganda. Start using your media devices to inform both yourself and others about what's really going on in your own country. Take these 4 basic steps:

  • Turn off ALL Government MSM Propaganda Worldwide

The advertisements you see from companies between the segments of news broadcast by the mainstream news all over the world - pay the networks to push their insane agenda on YOU.

  • Find Independent News From Several Mediums

It's not up to The White Rose Ireland or any other organisation in the world to tell you where to get your news. You must research this for yourself. You have the world at your fingertips in seconds.

  • Protect Your Family, Friends & Loved Ones

For the first time in history governments in EVERY country are involved in the biggest genocide the world has ever seen. You must gain the knowledge to protect those who are dear to you.

  • Learn The Dangers About Face Masks & Covid Vaccines

If just 0.03737% of the world population has died of COVID, ask yourself why they forced you to wear a Face Mask and why they are now pushing the insane agenda to vaccinate children?

“It is the press media above all, which wages a positively fanatical and slanderous struggle, tearing down everything which can be regarded as a support of national independence, cultural elevation, and the economic independence of the nation.” ― Adolf Hitler


FACTS: For all you Face Mask Wearers out there remember this, it wasn't Adolf Hitler who killed millions of people between 1933 and 1945 across Europe, it was the Doctors and Nurses who gladly did it for him (Source Link). There isn't a person anywhere on Earth who can prove Face Masks do not induce toxic poison into your lungs after just 30 seconds of use (Source Link). Surgical Face Mask Manufacturers have known this since the 1960s and Medical Professionals NEVER bothered checking the toxicity of their OWN mask. Medical Professionals supported the Tobacco Industry for 100 years and now they are supporting the Gas Mask Industry (Source Link). These are the people you trust? Remember Face Mask wearers, YOU'RE the ones who look like they're from another planet, so stop staring at us.

Carbon Dioxide Bad

For The Planet..

Carbon Dioxide Good

For Humans...

Plants Don't Breathe In Carbon Dioxide ..

Humans Don't Breathe In Oxygen. Upside Down World.


"The PUP is the drug the Irish Government give you to forget about all your dreams"

Essentially, like any war that has ever been fought - the Covid Pandemic is all about debt. But this time the Covid Crisis has enabled debt to accumulate in every country all over the world, without even raising or launching a weapon. It is debt that is so vicious, that no population will EVER be able to pay it back. A country who becomes bankrupt can be purchased by any entity whether it be an individual, corporation or even another country. Ireland is already in debt for €243.3 billion euro as of 24th May 2021 (Source Link). Who will your Irish Government sell your country to, without you even knowing about it?


Why would any entity buy a country? The answer is very simple. Their very own tax haven of course, to make even more money..... The Covid Crisis is all about money, nothing else. If the wealthy have loved showing off their art to their friends for centuries, what experience are they going to feel when they show off a country? If someone stole 20 euro from your pocket, would YOU be angry? When someone steals 243.3 billion euro from your pocket, YOU are silent. Mmmmm. Where does the People of Ireland think all this 'free money' comes from? Money does NOT grow on trees, it has to be paid back to whatever entity - be it an individual, corporation, ECB, IMF, or even another country. The Irish Government have burned all your rights in the last 14 months and now they are burning all your money.

I Could Buy 101 Countries. My Friends We Could Try And Buy Them All.

Billionaires Wealth Rose To $10 Trillion Dollars in 2020 (Source Link)

Bezos wealth increased $13 billion dollars in one day during Covid.. that's right, in one day $13 billion dollars... (Source Link)

The Godfather, Isn't Private Enterprise Great

Excerpt From The Outfoxed Movie (Source Link)


There are only two kinds of people in the world - those who want to be left alone and those who won't leave you alone....

Never before in history have populations in every country around the world been so divided. How could a small group of government officials with their clever slogan "two weeks to flatten the curve", convince their entire populations between the 12th March 2020 to 31st March 2020 - to fear each other, not talk to each other, not hug each other, not love each other and not even respect each other after they pass away from this world? What's even more shocking is that these government officials done this without even threatening them with a gun or weapon and the population majority love their officials for doing it to them! All the warnings we had when we were in school about bullies in the playground, have suddenly been forgotten because our bullies wear expensive designer suits, smile and lying is as easy as breathing for them.

"The great strength of the totalitarian state is that it forces those who fear it to imitate it."

“Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.”

―  Adolf Hitler


9,000 Yrs Old



1960s onwards








 When Children Plead To Allow Them To Breathe, Adults Are Silent

Scientists are more worried about the effect Face Masks have on the environment - than on humans (Source Link)

(1) There Are Only Two Kinds Of People

When a 5 Year Old Makes More Sense Than Adults (May 2021)

Face Masks Are Dangerous To ALL Humans (Stanford University Link). This study was published in Nov 2020. Ask yourself why you never heard of it?

(2) How To Identify Them

"Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted". Vladimir Lenin


The Medical Industry is responsible for more deaths than all dictators combined in world history

What if since 1960 one of the most intelligent areas of society i.e., Medical Professionals - have been fooled by wearing Surgical Face Masks? What if inside 30 seconds there isn't a person anywhere on Earth, who can prove Surgical Face Masks are NOT dangerous to any human after those 30 seconds? What if Face Mask manufacturers are libel for lawsuits since 1960, for causing toxic gas to go into the lungs of Medical Professionals and others who wore them? Just because a person wears a white coat does NOT mean you are not dealing with a monster. The Milgrim Experiment conducted in 1961 proved this beyond any reasonable doubt (Source Link). Remember for 100 years the majority of Medical Professionals in the world supported and endorsed the tobacco companies. Why? because they and celebrities were paid billions of dollars by tobacco companies and governments, to keep silent and push a product that murdered tens of millions of innocent victims (Source Link).

What are the chances that today even after it was proven following those 100 years that smoking kills, that people would still continue to smoke? Only for one brave man, we would NEVER have known about what went on inside the board meetings of tobacco companies for 164 years (
Source Link). Jeffrey Wigand saved the lives of millions of people, by standing up against one of the most powerful industries the world has ever seen. Only after, did the cowards within the medical industry in mass jump on board. Following an investigation not one of the CEOs who lied in front of Congress went to prison... not one (Source Link). One should ponder, what's the difference between Video Clip 1 and Video Clip 5 featured below?

Today, we have the tobacco companies pushing e-cigarattes, of which are even available in sweet shops and the medical industry is silent once again (
Source Link). The following videos should shock EVERY parent in Ireland.

"Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed." Joseph Stalin

(1) Smoking Advertisement 1950s

(2) Tobacco CEOs Before Congress 1994

(3) The Brave Jeffrey Wigand 1996

(4) Hitler Did Not Kill Millions, Doctors & Nurses Did

(Click Here To View Part 2)

(5) Face Mask Advertisement 2020

(6) Newborns With Face Masks - "The Greater Good" 2020

Face Masks Have Been Dangerous To ALL Humans Since The 1960s

Archive Source Link / Original Amazon Source Link

(Multiple Parents Can Split The Cost of a CO2 Meter)


Government Salaries

No Deductions Throughout Pandemic (Source Link)

Peoples Salaries.JPG

Peoples Salaries

Capped @ €350pw & €200pw

Throughout the Pandemic (Source Link)



1.9% / 32.5% of Workforce

Fully Operational, No Deductions.

Ireland is the Largest Tax Haven in the World (Source Link)

Small Business.jpg

Small Businesses

98.1% / 67.5% Closed (Source)

All Competition (98.1%) for Corporations (1.9%) Destroyed.

The Rich are Richer (Source Link)

Did you know that Small Businesses make up 98.1% of the businesses in Ireland and Corporations make up just 1.9%. Small Businesses (SMEs) provide 67.5% of the workforce and Corporations provide just 32.5%. Which type of business is more important to the Government? They love Corporations. Which type of business is more important to the People of Ireland? We love Small Businesses. Remember the Irish Government represented the richest corporation in the world (Apple) in the European Courts to help them NOT pay $13.1 billion dollars in tax (Source Link). Why didn't the state run media in Ireland investigate, why Irish Politicians defended Apple in a European Court? The illusion of doing something is quite different to actually doing something. Apple's worldwide annual revenue totalled $274.5 billion for the 2020 fiscal year. Apple is the world's largest technology company by revenue and one of the world's most valuable companies. In August 2018, Apple became the first publicly traded U.S. company to be valued at over $1 trillion dollars. Just two years later in August 2020, while the global population majority struggled to feed their families, they became the first $2 trillion U.S. company (Source Link).

As an individual living in Ireland, you only have to ask yourself but three questions. 1) If the Irish Government are not standing up for Small Businesses - then why am I defending their restrictions? 2) If a Face Mask makes me unhappy, why am I doing something that makes me unhappy? and 3) Would I have worn the Yellow Badge they forced Jews to wear in Nazi Germany? By going along with a bully's demands, will NEVER make the bully go away. Our personal experiences in school have always taught us that.

The Power Of The People

If even 5% of the People of Ireland (245,000) knew how corrupt the Irish Government is, what do you think could happen? If that 5% got just four of their friends to join them, then the Irish Government would have 1.2 million people in Ireland to fear. The Irish Government and its propaganda media machine across TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines are not your friend. They NEVER were.

“Basically National Socialism and Marxism are the same thing”

― Adolf Hitler

"You Can Be Anything You Want To Be" (Mar 2021)

(Not According To The Irish Government)

While Our Country Goes Bankrupt (Mar 2021)

While You Can't Feed Your Family, Narcissists Dance

"My Body, My Choice" (2018)

What Happens If We Don't Stand Up? (Mar 2021)

Medical Professionals Are NOT Your Friend (Mar 2021)

(View Mayo Hospital Video)

"My Basic Human Rights, No Voice" (2021)



The White Rose Petition will gather together 1 Million+ signatures from people living in Ireland and on the 4th of July 2021 will peacefully party in Dublin City Centre, to celebrate our Independence Day! On 6th December 1922, the Irish people celebrated their independence from the British Government. On 4th of July 2021, the Irish people will celebrate their independence from the Irish Government. All Level 1 to Level 5 restrictions will be abolished, all 26 county border travel restrictions will be abolished, all country border restrictions for the People of Ireland to travel will be abolished and all 30 Human Rights stolen by the Irish Government will be restored to the Irish people. The People of Ireland don't live in Germany where The Berlin Wall was erected, nor in the Ireland that separated the Republic of Ireland from Northern Ireland and EVERYONE on the island of Ireland should be free to travel anywhere in the world.

"Follow The White Rose" and tell the Irish Government that the People of Ireland have had enough. We do not want Communism to destroy the rights of the people of Ireland. By coming together we'll have something that we haven't had for 1,421 years. Our FREEDOM (Click Here). If the Irish Government refuse - we will refuse to pay ALL our Taxes that make them multi-millionaires. This is a list of all the Taxes you pay to the Irish Government (Download Data). The average person contributes just under one million euro in taxes in their lifetime. You're essentially their own personal ATM Machine.

"Let them march all they want, as long as they continue to pay their taxes." Alexander Haig (Source Link)

No One Is Coming To Save Us, We Must Save Ourselves

(Learn Your History)

Deliver Us From Evil Trailer (2006)

(About The Film) Source Link

Celebrate Your Independence Day 4th July 2021 (1st Trailer)